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A Simple Solution to Complex Security Problems

Imprivata OneSign solutions offer a practical and affordable means to achieve regulatory compliance while also improving security, reducing IT help desk costs, eliminating password management problems, and improving user productivity.

OneSource Imprivata - OneSign IT Security

OneSign Imprivata Authentication Management simplifies the cost and complexity of network security authentication management by replacing network passwords with two-factor, strong authentication, regardless of whether users are online and connecting to the corporate network, or offline and logging onto their laptop. Organizations benefit through centralized password administration, lower help-desk costs, increased user productivity and satisfaction, and ability to demonstrate regulatory compliance with sound security and internal controls. OneSign requires no modifications to existing applications and no user learning curves. The industry's most powerful and innovative appliance also delivers integrated support for VASCO Digipass token management and a seamless upgrade to Single Sign-On (SSO) and integrated building and IT network - Physical/Logical capabilities. OneSign Imprivata provides:
  • Secure user Logon access to Microsoft Windows environments
  • Integrated support for a broad range of two-factor authentication options
  • Monitoring and reporting to help address regulatory compliance issues
  • Built-in deployment and management of VASCO Digipass Password tokens
  • Digipass support for both online AND offline authentication

OneSign Features a totally self-contained and secure appliance. OneSign delivers an easy to use and manage single point of management for users, authentication and policy. OneSign is non-intrusive and requires no changes to existing networks, directories or user workflow. Instead of custom scripting or Visual Basic code, OneSign Single Sign On uses the proprietary OneSign Application Profile Generator (APG) to "learn" the login behaviors of the target applications and generates the correct XML profile that is securely distributed to SSO users on a session basis. As new applications are added or existing applications changed, the APG is ready to make changes in minutes without any interruption or downtime.

Tightly Integrated Two-Factor Authentication offers out-of-the-box integration with a full range of strong authentication options, including: VASCO Digipass tokens, finger biometrics, smart cards, proximity cards, USB tokens and HID cards; built-in deployment features for self-assignment and bulk operations; One-Time-Password Tokens can be used online or offline.

OneSignís Low Price with one box, quick and easy install, offers near zero maintenance, less than 50% the cost of competing solutions, better token value, no forced expiration or re-purchase at a future date. You can seamless upgrade to complete Single Sign-On or integrated physical/logical functionality via a simple license-key; with nothing else to install or manage.

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