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“This isn't just a ‘performance review.’ It's a critical ‘business performance driver’ as it aligns your personal objectives with the overall goals of your business unit, functional area and Textron as a whole.”
-Lewis B. Campbell, Chairman and CEO, Textron Corporation

“Every employee needs a clear line of sight between what they do each day and how it relates to our global business plan.”

OneSource - SuccessFactors - Talent Management

A company's greatest asset is its people, yet many companies ignore the potential for the growth of employees, and the organization as a whole, by failing to align, motivate, develop and reward them. SuccessFactors provides more effective alignment, visibility and accountability for talent and performance management to:

  • Set and align priorities and goals so everyone is focused on what is really important to the organization.
  • Manage performance reviews so everyone receives meaningful feedback for their accomplishments.
  • Reward and compensate everyone based on their actual achievement of the company's priorities.
  • Ensure adequate succession planning of leadership and talent throughout the organization.

    SuccessFactors provides OneSource "on-demand" solutions to improve profits and reduce costs. SuccessFactors delivers the market's only suite of integrated, on-demand talent management solutions including:
  • -Mark A. Buthman, SVP & CFO, Kimberly-Clark

    “SuccessFactors is a very important business and

  • Goal Management
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Competency Management
  • Talent and Succession Management
  • Business Analytics and Reporting
  • Recruiting Management

  • Performance Reviews
  • 360/Multi-Rater
  • Compensation Planning
  • Employee Survey
  • Employee Profile
  • Learning Management
  • technology partner... SuccessFactors is listening and responding to customers’ requirements for success.”
    -Bob Myers, SVP HR, Reebok International

    SuccessFactors delivers "on demand" performance and talent management promoting visibility, accountability, and results, enabling organizations to eliminate the politics that destroy motivation and impede performance. SuccessFactors has grown to over 2,500 clients and more than 4.5 million users -all while becoming easier to use. Clients include: Morgan Stanley, Kimberly-Clark, Textron, FedEx, Barnes & Noble, Lowe's, Xerox, Hilton, Marriott, American Airlines ,ING, Allianz, Cadbury, MasterCard, New York Life, Manulife, Schering-Plough, Wyeth, Time Warner Telecom, British Telecom, T-Mobile, Kendall-Jackson, General Dynamics, Federal Signal, Baker Hughes, NiSource, Duke, Cintas, Equifax, Oppenheimer, Sun, Symantec, Avnet, Gartner, Yahoo, Expedia, Ticketmaster, Russell Reynolds, Spencer Stuart, DreamWorks Animation, Dow Jones and Harvard Business School Publishing.

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